Hong Kong Visa Online Application

Hong Kong Visa Online Application

Around 140 nations’ citizens are eligible to visit the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) without a visa for leisure or business. Depending on the traveler’s nationality, the permitted length of visa-exempt stay ranges from 7 to 180 days. 

All other nations must either get an online travel authorization or obtain a visa for Hong Kong from a government diplomatic office, according to the HK visa policy, in order to visit the territory.

According to Hong Kong’s immigration regulations, Indian nationals must get a valid Pre Arrival Registration (PAR) in order to visit the region for brief periods of time. This simple online form can be used to obtain this multiple entry electronic eVisa waiver, which is valid for six months after approval. Taiwanese citizens may also apply online for a Hong Kong PAR.

Hong Kong PAR for Citizens of India

India passport holders now have access to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region due to the 2017 introduction of the Hong Kong PAR, an electronic travel authorization.

An easy online form can be used to apply for the Pre-Arrival Registration for Hong Kong from India, which has taken the place of the previous visa on arrival for citizens of that country. Travellers who participate in the PAR programme avoid standing in line at the border.

A multiple entry Pre Registration permission with an approved PAR visitor eVisa waiver for Indian citizens permits the holder to enter Hong Kong more than once and remain for up to 14 days each time. Indian citizens’ Hong Kong PARs are valid for six months after they are approved.

By providing personal and passport information, the Hong Kong Pre Arrival application from India can be finished online in a short amount of time. Before submitting the form and receiving an approved Pre-Arrival authorization for Hong Kong, applicants must have an Indian passport that is valid for at least six months and respond to relevant security questions.

The traveller may use the same Indian passport they used to submit the PAR application and a printed copy of the approved HK PAR notification slip when they arrive at any point of entry in Hong Kong once a PAR for Indian citizens has been authorised.

Additionally, before entering and leaving the HKSAR, an Arrival/Departure Card must be shown for immigration clearance. Before a passenger is allowed to board any mode of transport to the SAR, transport companies will additionally verify that the bearer has a current Hong Kong PAR enrolment.

Holders of HK PARs for Indian nationals are permitted to remain in Hong Kong for up to 14 days after the travel authorization’s expiration date, provided they reach the HKSAR on the day before the expiration date.

The HK PAR permits the holder to travel to Hong Kong for leisure, business, transit, or to visit family and friends. It is necessary to apply for a Hong Kong visa at an embassy or consulate in order to work or study there.

Hong Kong PAR for Indian Citizens :

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Hong Kong PAR from Taiwan

A Mainland Travel Permit is required for entry into Hong Kong for up to 30 days if you are a Hong Kong PAR from Taiwan who has “right of abode” (ROA) in Taiwan. The “right of abode” qualifies a person to apply for a Taiwanese National ID Card.

Chinese nationals with ROA in Taiwan who don’t have a Mainland Travel Permit must fill out a quick online application to get a Hong Kong PAR. Simple information on the electronic form simply needs to be entered once, taking a few minutes.

An authorised HK PAR is a double-entry electronic travel authorization that allows its holder to stay in Hong Kong for up to 30 days with each entry. It is available to Taiwanese citizens only. The validity of the HK PAR is two months.

It is important to print the authorised HK PAR Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration after a Taiwanese resident has submitted an online PAR registration and obtained approval through email.

The visitor’s Taiwanese passport must be shown to an immigration official at the border as well as the copy of the approved PAR authorisation when boarding an aircraft to Hong Kong.

One must be born in Taiwan or have been born in Taiwan but have previously been admitted to Hong Kong as a Taiwanese resident in order to submit an online application for a PAR from Taiwan.

Not possess any travel documents issued by other nations or territories, with the exception of an entry permit granted by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong or a Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents.

Travellers who do not meet this condition will not be permitted to enter Hong Kong using their Taiwanese passport and will instead need to enter on the basis of another passport.

A passport-like Chinese Travel Document and a HKSAR Entry Permit, both issued by Chinese overseas diplomatic missions, are necessary to enter Hong Kong for ROC citizens without the right of abode in Taiwan.

Chinese nationals travelling through Hong Kong to a third country, regardless of whether they have a right of residence in Taiwan, do not require a PAR transit visa waiver as long as they do not leave the airport’s transit area.

Hong Kong PAR for Taiwan Citizens :

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