Terms & Conditions

The website’s terms and conditions are as follows. The usage of the terms “the applicant”, “you” and “user” refer directly to e-Visa applicants looking forward to applying for an e-Visa application using this website. The terms “we”, “our”, “this website” and “us” refer to www.evisaprime.com By using the website, you acknowledge what you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website. Acknowledging the terms and conditions is essential to accessing our website and avail our services. It is important to acknowledge that our relationship with you is based on trust, and we prioritize protecting everyone’s legal interests.

Personal Data

The below-mentioned information or data is registered as the user’s personal data in the website’s secured database.

  • Personal details
  • Passport related information
  • Travel information
  • Occupation details
  • Phone number
  • Email 
  • Supporting documents
  • Permanent Address
  • Cookies
  • IP address
We do not store or save your payment / card information. It is handled securely and directly by the payment gateway.

You can be assured that all of this personal information of any user will not be shared with external third parties outside the organization except:

  • When the user clearly gives the authorization to pass the information
  • When it is necessary to maintain and administer the website
  • When the information is demanded by law or legally binding order
  • When notified without the possibility of discriminatory use of personal data
  • When the company needs to utilize the information for further assistance or process

The website is not liable for any misleading information or data, for further details on our confidentiality regulations, refer to our Privacy Policy.

Ownership of Website Use

The website is a private entity, all of its data and content are copyrighted and belong to a private organization. By any means, the website is not associated with the relevant Government Authority. The services of this website are intended only for personal use. Users accessing this website are not encouraged to download, copy, reuse, or modify any component of this website for their profit. All the data, information and content on this website are copyright-protected.


The below guidelines and regulations apply to all users of this website and the same should be followed:

  • The user should not post any comments that could be offensive or insulting to this website, other members, or any third parties.
  • The user is prohibited to publish, copy or share any information or content that could offend the general public or morals.
  • The user is forbidden to take part in any of the activities that breach the website’s rights or intellectual property.
  • The user is not permitted to engage in criminal or other illegal activities.

The user will be held liable and should pay all the associated expenses if they breach any of the above-mentioned regulations causing damage to third parties while making use of our service. In such situations we are not accountable for the user’s action. We own the right to take legal action on any user who violates the terms and conditions.


Cancellation or Disapproval of e-Visa Application

In accordance with the terms and conditions, the applicant is prohibited to taking part in the following activities:

The applicant is not allowed to

  • Provide or enter fake personal information
  • Hide or delete any necessary information during the e-Visa registration process
  • Ignoring, deleting or modifying any mandatory information filed during the e-Visa application process

If the user takes part in any of the above-stated activities, we have the right to deny their registration, reject their pending visa applications, and delete the user’s personal data or account from the website. Even if the applicant’s e-Visa application is approved, we still hold the right to remove the user’s account or information from the website.


Multiple e-Visa Applications

You may have applied for e-Visa or Visa or ETA on other websites, which might be rejected or even the e-Visa you applied with us might be rejected, we are not accountable for such rejections. As per our refund policy the cost is not refundable in any event.


About Our Services

Our company, which is located in UAE, offers an online application service.

Our services include:

  • Facilitating the e-Visa application process for foreigners who seek an e-Visa.
  • Our agents will help you get an e-Visa, also known as Electronic Travel Authorization, from the relevant Government Authority and then we will communicate the decision to you.
  • Our services also extend by helping you fill out the application form, review the information and cross-check the information for spelling and grammar mistakes, accuracy, etc.
  • If required, we may also contact you through the contact number or email for any additional information to process your request.

Upon completing the online application form provided on our website, we will review it and make any necessary changes if required. Following that, a payment request form for our service will appear. Upon a professional evaluation, your visa request form will be submitted to the relevant Government Authority. Normally, the visa application will be processed and approved within 72 hours. However, the application process might be delayed because of incorrect, misleading or missing information.

 Our services do not include:

  • Guaranteed approval of e-Visa since final decision rests with the relevant Government Authority
  • Approval outside of timelines dictated by Government Authority 

Temporary Suspension of Service

Below are the factors that might result in temporary suspension of the website:

  • System maintenance
  • Natural disasters, protests, software updates, etc., which hinder the function of the website
  • Unexpected fire or power cut
  • Changes in the management system, website updates, technical difficulties, etc, bring forth the necessity of service suspension

In situations like this, the users will be notified upfront of the temporary suspension of the website. The users will not be accountable for any potential harm or damage resulting from the suspension.


Exemption from Responsibility

Our services are restricted to verifying and reviewing the information or data of the applicant’s e-Visa application form and submitting it. We do not take responsibility for the approval or rejection of the e-Visa application. The final decision is subject to the relevant Immigration Authority. If an application is cancelled or denied due to misleading, incorrect, or insufficient information, neither the website nor its ages will be held liable.



If required, at any given time, we retain the rights to modify, add, delete or change the Terms and Conditions and the content of this website. Any such changes or modifications will come into effect immediately. By accessing the website, you acknowledge and adhere to the regulations, guidelines and restrictions of this website and take full responsibility for checking the content or Terms and Conditions of this website.


Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions herewith are governed by UAE law. All the parties are subjected to the same jurisdiction in the likelihood of any legal proceedings.


Not Immigration Advice

We offer assistance in submitting the e-Visa application form and our services are exempted from immigration-related advice for any country.

By using this website, you provide us with the permission to act on your behalf. We do not provide advice on Immigration related matters.