Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Registration for Taiwan Residents

Electronic Travel
Authorization Available

Information on Hong Kong's PAR for Taiwanese citizens

Certain inhabitants of Taiwan are permitted entry into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) through the Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR) for the Hong Kong electronic travel authorisation system.

Beginning on the day of approval, each PAR is valid for two months. For a combined total of two 30-day stays in Hong Kong, it allows the holder two admissions.

If they meet specific criteria, citizens of Taiwan, officially known as the ROC, are permitted to enter a PAR, the HKSAR.

An online form that is quick and easy to fill out allows Taiwanese residents to register for Hong Kong before arrival.

The applicant receives an email with the approved PAR attached.

Taiwanese citizens who do not reside in Taiwan may not have a right of abode and must instead apply for a Chinese Travel Document that functions like a passport and an HKSAR Entry Permit at a Chinese diplomatic mission or Hong Kong embassy abroad.

Requirements for HKSAR Pre-Arrival Registration for Residents of Taiwan

Taiwanese nationals meeting the requirements below can apply for a Hong Kong PAR online.

  • The visitor has a right of abode in Taiwan, was born there, or was previously granted entry to being a citizen of Taiwan, the HKSAR.
  • Taiwan issued the visitor’s only passport.


Taiwanese nationals cannot obtain the PAR with travel authorisations from other self-governing nations.

The “Taiwan Residents Mainland Travel Permit” provided by the People’s Chinese People’s Republic (PRC) and the Entry Permit granted by the Department of Immigration of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong  (HKSAR) are the only exceptions to this rule.

The applicant should print a pre-arrival registration notification authorised after receiving the approved PAR through email. Add an A4 piece of blank paper.

Upon arrival in the HKSAR, this slip must be provided to a border control employee in Hong Kong and is required while taking a plane to Hong Kong.

PAR Information

There are two months to register for Hong Kong. The owner of an approved PAR is permitted two entries into the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region during this time of validity.

An electronic registration system for Hong Kong is called the Taiwanese nationals with a domicile or right of abode in Taiwan.

Travelers from various nations require a Hong Kong visa get to the Special Administrative Region for extended periods. For a limited period, visitors from several countries—encompassing the majority of Europe, Canada, and the US  nations—may visit Hong Kong without a visa; however, more extended stays will necessitate a visa for Hong Kong.

Only citizens of two nations may apply for Hong Kong, a PAR

  • Taiwan
  •  India


Taiwanese citizens with the right of abode in Taiwan, who have visited Hong Kong while residents of Taiwan in the past, or who now hold one of these statuses, are eligible to apply, provided Taiwan issues their travel documents.

The PAR for Hong Kong cannot be applied for by Taiwanese nationals born outside of Taiwan who have never had a resident’s card.

Except for those who possess a “Mainland Travel Authorization for Taiwanese Residents” granted by the People’s Entry authorisation for the People’s Republic of China (PRC) given by the  HKSAR PAR Application, travellers with passports or any other forms of identification from other nations are ineligible for the Hong Kong PAR.

PAR Application

Yes, only the internet is available for obtaining the HKSAR Pre-Arrival Registration. The applicant must finish an online application and provide some primary personal data and copies of their travel papers.

Each traveller must print the authorised Notification Slip for Taiwan Residents’ Pre-arrival Registration on a blank A4 page. Upon visiting the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, they must bring a copy and show it upon boarding the plane and entering Hong Kong.

Typographical errors are the most frequent cause of delays or rejections for online travel applications like the PAR. Pre-arrival registration for Hong Kong must be completed carefully, and responses must be double-checked before applying.

The passenger may resubmit if their HKSAR PAR application is denied.

Applications for Hong Kong PAR are often processed quickly. The processing of an application could take up to three business days. However, the processing and approval of PAR applications frequently happens on the same day.

PAR Questions

ROC nationals can travel to HKSAR and mainland China with a Mainland Travel Permit. A Mainland Travel Permit holder may utilise this instead of obtaining a PAR.

For the Mainland Travel Permit, only ROC citizens who legally reside in Taiwan can apply. They are permitted to remain in Hong Kong for 30 days.

Reprinting of the PAR notification slip is required and delivered at the immigration checkpoint in Hong Kong if the Taiwan residents’ Information Slip Before arriving Registration is misplaced, damaged, stolen, or improperly printed.

The PAR becomes invalid following:

  • It has been two months since I signed up.
  • The holder has travelled to the HKSAR twice.


The Taiwanese tourist may use the internet facility to re-register after one or both have happened.

The Taiwanese applicant receives information and updates through email regarding Hong Kong’s PAR application status after completing the online registration process.