Requirements for Minor Children Travelling to Canada

To enter Canada, children must adhere to the same regulations as adults. As a result, they must produce the proper identification, which may include a passport, a visa or a Canada eTA, as well as additional documents designed especially for minors those under the age of 18.

Parents can apply on their children’s behalf for the eTA for Canada, which is quick and easy to apply for. Depending on their country, a child’s eligibility to apply for one will vary. Children who are ineligible for an eTA must apply for a standard visa at an embassy or consulate.

Any minors trying to enter Canada without the right documents or who are traveling with people other than their parents will be rigorously inspected. Border patrol agents are on the lookout for kids who could require protection or who might have escaped.

Parents or legal guardians should make sure their children have the necessary papers to prevent issues at the border. The online eTA Canada application can be finished in only a few minutes, and applications are processed very promptly. It takes much longer to obtain a guest visa from an embassy or consulate.

How Can Children Apply for a Canadian eTA?

Applying for a Canada eTA is simple and quick. Although older children who are regarded as being under the age of 18 will be able to submit the application independently, parents must complete it on their child’s behalf.

A unique eTA is required for each family member, and only one application may be submitted at once. Children must possess a passport from one of the nations that are exempt from Canadian visa requirements, which include the USA, all of the EU nations, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Applicants must provide a variety of details on the web form, including their name, address, date of birth, intended travel itinerary, and passport information. Additionally, you must upload a copy of the child’s passport and respond to a few security and health-related questions.

As long as the application is error-free and has all necessary information, the vast majority of applications are immediately approved. Those who apply will electronically receive eTAs at the address they provide.

What Additional Documents are required for Children to Enter Canada?

To safeguard the safety of children at the border, border service agents receive specialized training. Children or their parents or guardians may be required to present a variety of documents as a result.

Whether a child is traveling alone, with their parent(s), or with another adult will affect the necessary documentation. An eTA or visa is necessary in addition to the Following Documents:

If a Child is travelling alone:

  • They will need their own passport (even if their information is contained in their parent’s passport).
  • Birth certificate copy.
  • Authorization letter (signed in English or French by both parents or guardians, as long as both are still alive and share custody of the child).

If a youngster travels with only one parent, one guardian, or another adult

  • Passport for a child.
  • Birth certificate copy.
  • Legal custody orders in the event that parents are divorcing or separated.
  • A copy of the deceased parent’s death certificate, if there is only one.
  • Letter of authorization recommended but not strictly necessary if all other documentation is in order which is not an invitation from Canada.
  • Documents proving guardianship or adoption if the child is traveling with one of these parties.
  • If the youngster is going with an adult who is neither their parent nor guardian, they must have written authorization from them. A signed photocopy of the parents’ or guardians’ passports or national ID cards should be attached to the letter, together with their addresses and phone numbers.

When a Youngster Travels with both of their Parents or Legal Guardians

When a youngster is traveling with both parents, the necessary paperwork is substantially less complicated. The only documentation required from children is their passport and birth certificate if it is shown on their parent’s passport.

No matter if they are traveling with parents or alone, kids must have an eTA or a visa. Learn more about how to obtain the Canadian eTA.