India Visa Photo Requirements / India Visa Photo Specifications

India Visa Photo Requirements India Visa Photo Specifications

Here you find all details which you need on the image requirements and specifications for Indian eVisa for categories of travel, business, and medical.

If you meet all of the qualifying requirements and the documentary specifications provided by the Indian Government for the e-Visa you can get one very quickly. A tender reproduction of an image of the visitor’s face in the form of a passport is one of the files that must be submitted to the utility.

You can learn about every criterion for an India Visa photo in this booklet. After you are aware of all the requirements for the Indian Visa image, applying for the Indian e-Visa online is simple, and you won’t need to go the Embassy in order to do so.

How to take a face photograph to meet the India Visa photograph necessities?

Travelers requesting an Indian visa are required to provide a cell phone-capable passport-style picture of themselves. It can be taken without going to a professional photographer, which could have been crucial had the application process not been online, and the tourist used a traditional paper Visa.

However, for an e-Visa, you can just upload a cellphone photo as long as it complies with Indian Visa photograph standards. Nevertheless, the image that is present on your current passport cannot be clicked or scanned. 

The fundamental India Visa image requirements:

The applicant for an e-Visa have to ensure that the face photo they upload for their application complies with the following requirements:

  • The photo should be in passport format.
  • The image must clearly show the traveler in all of their details, including their features, hair, and any visible marks on their skin. It must also be clear and free of blur.
  • If a tourist chooses to wear a turban, headband, hijab, burqua, or another type of head covering for religious reasons, they should make sure that it does not hide their face, chin, or hairline. The visitor must be quickly and easily recognized from the image, something the border crossing immigration officer is capable of doing.
  • The image must have a minimum resolution of 350 pixels wide by 350 pixels high. It aspires to be this huge, at the very least. Also, the tourist’s face should be in the middle of the frame and cover between 50-60 percent of the image. Except in the event of head coverings worn for religious reasons, ears, necks, and shoulders should also be visible.
  • The image of your face that you upload in your Indian Visa photo can not be larger than 1 Mb because the default length for an India Visa passport photo is 1 Mb or 1 Megabyte. With the help of the Visa application for your computer or PC, you can check whether the dimensions of your picture meet the India Visa passport photo length requirements by right-clicking the image, selecting Properties from the menu that appears, and then selecting the Size option from the General tab.
  • Try not to wear any accessories, such as hats or sun sunglasses, in the shot. You may wear your glasses or contacts in the photo that you upload, but preferably you should also include a photograph without them so that your eyes aren’t obscured by the flash or a reflected image. Alternatively, you can be prompted to add the photo again, and there’s a chance the immigration officers will decide to reject your utility. However, if you do decide to wear your glasses or sunglasses, make sure there isn’t any glare or reflection since your eyes need to be clearly seen in the picture.
  • The face shot needs to be taken in Portrait mode rather than Landscape mode, the lighting inside the picture needs to be even, and there shouldn’t be any dark shadows; the colour of the picture needs to be neutral without any colorful tones, and you shouldn’t use any image-editing software.
  • The background in the photo must be undeniable and uncomplicated, and the clothing you are wearing must likewise be undeniable without any elaborate patterns or daring color schemes.
  • There shouldn’t be anything else in the background of the picture.
  • Your face should be in the frontal view rather than the side or in profile, with your mouth closed and your eyes completely open throughout the shot. Make sure your hair is neatly tucked away once more and that you can see your entire face.
  • The JPG, PNG, or PDF file that you upload must be an identical copy of this facial image.

If you satisfy all of the requirements for the Indian Visa photograph, satisfy all other eligibility requirements, and possess the other necessary documents, you can easily apply for the Indian Visa using the relatively easy and basic India Visa Application Form. Applying for and receiving an Indian visa shouldn’t present any issues. But, if you have any more questions concerning the India Visa photo requirements or the length of the India Visa passport image and need assistance with either of those matters or need any other clarifications, contact the India e Visa Help Desk for assistance and direction.