How long does it take to have a Canada eTA approved?

The Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) facilitates quick and easy entry into Canada for citizens of approved countries.

Visitors from the 53 countries who do not require visas must have the eTA. To cross the border for transit, business, or tourism, foreign citizens  from these countries must have a Canadian travel permission.

The eTA application is typically simple, quick, and easy because it may be submitted entirely online without having to physically visit an embassy or consulate.

This page describes the Canada eTA processing time as well as other crucial particulars regarding the travel authorization.

How long does it take to have eTA Canada approved?

Depending on the service the applicant selects, the time it takes for a Canada eTA to be granted varies. The price varies according to the service, and a greater fee ensures a quicker turnaround.


The user has the following choices when they arrive at the payment screen:

Standard service:

The regular service is typically acceptable for applicants who apply with adequate time before their journey to Canada. Although the processing period can be as quick as 24 hours, passengers are recommended to wait up to 3 business days in case of delays.

Priority processing:

Applicants who require a Canadian eTA right away might use the priority service. Selecting this option ensures that your travel authorisation will be approved within an hour.


Can I obtain the Canada ETA quickly?

Some travelers might want the Canada eTA immediately, and it is not always possible to apply well in advance.

Fortunately, applicants who need their applications processed quickly can now choose a 1-hour urgent processing service. Below are instructions for using this express eTA application, including when to utilize it.


When to use urgent processing of ETA for Canada?

The eTA should, if at all feasible, be requested well in advance of departure. Even though the majority of applications are problem-free, occasionally problems can occur and cause processing times to increase.

Travelers frequently need to submit an eTA application right away in the following circumstances:

  • Late-arrangement business meetings.
  • Unexpected deviations from planned tourist routes.
  • Unplanned journey to take advantage of airline discounts.
  • Emergency situations involving family.
  • Modifying the plans for transportation.

It is strongly advised that travelers choose the urgent eTA service if their flight to Canada is scheduled to depart within the next 24 hours in order to ensure a prompt response.


How to complete a Canadian ETA application in a hurry

Applicants go through the same procedure as the normal option to use the fast-track Canada eTA service. The applicant must choose “Urgent guaranteed processing in less than 1 hour” while paying the eTA fees, which is the only difference.

It is crucial to remember that processing times may still be longer than an hour for some nations.


Three easy steps complete the application process:

  • Complete and submit the online eTA application form.
  • Choose the express option and pay the eTA fees.
  • eTA approval sent by email.

Travelers must fulfill the same Canada eTA requirements for their nation of origin as when submitting an application through the standard service.

Name, nationality, and occupation are among the basic pieces of information requested on the application form for an urgent eTA. Additionally, passport information must be given.

Every step must be correctly accomplished. Any spelling errors or incorrect passport information could result in the urgent eTA being rejected and interfere with travel arrangements.


How long is the Canada eTA valid?

The Canada eTA is valid for five years after it has been granted. Anytime during its five-year validity, the travel authorisation can be used to enter Canada by its owner.

The Canada eTA is a multiple entry. This indicates that the holder may repeatedly enter and exit Canada. A maximum of six months may pass during each stay in the nation.


How long does it take to process a Canadian visa?

The eTA application procedure takes less time than the processing period for a Canada visa. It entails applying in person at an embassy or consulate, followed by a few weeks of waiting for the Canada visa to be approved.

The online Canada eTA is available to visitors from nations that do not require visas, saving them the trouble of going to a government office to apply for a visa. The fastest way to enter Canada for citizens of these nations is through this online service.


How can I obtain a visa for Canada quickly?

Those who require a visa for Canada immediately must get in touch with their local Canadian embassy to learn about the application procedure. 

People from countries that qualify for the Canadian eTA can use the priority service to get a travel authorization within an hour.