How Do I Find My Canadian eTA Number?

How Do I Find My Canadian eTA Number?

The majority of international visitors must get a travel document of some form in order to enter and remain in Canada. For entry into Canada, citizens of nations that are exempt from visa requirements must submit an online application for an eTA Canada, even if they are flying in.

Applicants obtain an eTA Canada reference number after completing and submitting a brief application form, which they can use to verify the progress of the eTA.

This page discusses:

  • Where to find your Canada eTA number?
  • How to proceed if you misplace the number?
  • How to track an application’s progress?
  • How to check whether an approved eTA is still valid?

Where is the Canada eTA number?

You will receive a confirmation email with your application number after submitting your Canada eTA online form.

In case they misplace their confirmation email, applicants should keep a record of their Canada eTA number. Any enquiries, including verifying the status of your eTA, must include the application number.

Is a visa number the same as a Canada eTA number?

You can enter Canada without a visa with the use of a Canada eTA, which is an electronic travel authorization.

Since there are 2 different types of travel documents, the eTA number is not the same as a Canada visa number. A visa number corresponds to a visa, but a Canada eTA number denotes a travel authorization.

Do I need to travel with my Canada eTA number?

The eTA Canada reference number is not required to board a flight or enter Canada because it is electronically connected to the applicant’s passport.

Travelers are urged to write down the Canada eTA number and carry it with them just in case. The number serves as evidence that you applied for and were granted a legitimate Canada travel authorization.

How do I get my eTA Canada application number back?

By following the instructions provided below for an eTA number check, you can simply recover your lost eTA number.

First, applicants are urged to check their email’s junk or spam folder.

You can get in touch with our customer care team and provide them with your personal information if you are unable to find the confirmation email in any folder. The applicant will then receive a new copy of the confirmation email that includes the forgotten eTA Canada reference number.

You can travel to Canada as long as you have a valid eTA attached to your passport and have received an email confirming the application’s approval.

Without having to enter the eTA Canada lost application number, it is also feasible to verify the eTA’s status and validity.

Can I use a missing Canada eTA reference number to check my status?

Yes, it is still possible to check the status of the Canada eTA online even if you misplaced your application number.

To utilize the online check status tool, the eTA reference number must be entered along with the passport details. If you have forgotten your application number, there is an alternative method you can use.

People in Canada who have forgotten their eTA number can inquire using the online web form.

The ‘Electronic Travel Authorization’ application type must be chosen, followed by ‘Case Specific Enquiries’ and the request for an update. You should specify that the subject of your inquiry is the status of your Canada eTA application.

When you submit your question, a member of our customer care team will get in touch with you as soon as they can with an answer.

How can I verify that my Canada eTA is still in effect?

The validity of an eTA from Canada is five years. Your travel authorization is valid for five years from the date of approval, if you are aware of that date.

You can use the check status tool if you have your eTA number but are unsure of the approval date.

You can get in touch with us by using the procedures outlined above even if you don’t know the approval date or the eTA number.