Apply Indian Visa For the Citizen of Thailand

Electronic Travel
Authorization Available

Apply Indian Visa For the Citizen of Thailand

To get an Indian visa for Thai citizens, the Indian Government presents an Indian eVisa, as with many other nations, they can obtain electronic travel permission for India.

To visit India, all Thai residents need to do is attain the eVisa for India online by filling out the online application based on vital biographical and passport info to get started. 

In addition, after filling out the Indian visa application for Thai citizens and paying the application cost, a Thai citizen can quickly receive an Indian visa.

The Indian visa is only available for Thailand business people, tourism and medical visits. The Indian eVisa can also reveal that many foreigners get legal Indian visas for many reasons via online authorization.

For nearly any well-known travel motive, a Thai traveller goes to India; can apply for a visa for India electronically. Citizens of approximately 133 countries are eligible for this eVisa.

Most of the electronic visa applications for India are available to Thai citizens mainly for travel reasons. There are around 133 different countries where this eVisa has been issued.

Do holders of Thai passports need a visa to enter India?

Among the 133 nations that require a visa to enter India, Thailand citizens also require an India visa before going to India. For travel, doing business, or receiving medical care, Thai nationals can enter India with a pass.

  • Passport

    Passport with at least six months’ validity from the expected date of arrival

  • Debit or Credit card

    For Payment.

  • Email Address

    A valid email address.

Indian Business Visas for thai citizens

Thai nationals travelling to India only for business can apply for an e-commercial enterprise visa. An E-commercial enterprise visa allows for two entries and has a maximum stay of 180 days.

Indian tourist visas for Thai nationals

With the assistance of an Indian traveller visa, citizens of Thailand who wish to visit India for leisure, tourism, a yoga retreat, or to visit friends and relatives may do so can come to India quickly. Unless they are from the U.S., U.K., or Canada, in that case, they are permitted to stay for 180 days; this category of eVisa holder is only allowed to stay in India for 90 days.

Indian Medical Visa for Thai Citizens

An Indian medical visa holder for Thai citizens is permitted entry only three times in India. For those looking for medical care in India, there is a form of short-term eVisa called the medical India visa. Holders of an e-medical visa are allowed to stay for 60 days. 

Process of Thai Citizens' Visa Application

Firstly, check the visa requirements for Thai nationals travelling to India before applying for your visa. 

You can begin filling out the Indian eVisa application form when you are sure that you have all of the necessary documents to process the visa.

The visa application will require the following records:

  • Passport-type
  • Nationality
  • Passport details
  • Port of arrival and the date
  • Date of birth
  • Country
  • Email address
  • Marital status

Check and Verify Your Payment

You must pay for your eVisa after filling out the application form with the correct information as it appears on your passport; otherwise, your application won’t be processed. Your application might be processed after online payment. 

For Thai citizens, the processing time for an Indian visa is roughly four working days. Typically, applicants should submit their Indian eVisa applications to travel at least four days earlier. Your email inbox may receive an approval or rejection message after displaying your application.

Moreover, you should print the eVisa before leaving for India so that it is ready to present at the border and to retain with you during your stay in India until you return to the United States of America.

Thailand Visa Requirements for India

As long as applicants follow the requirements, getting an  Indian visa for Thai citizens is simple and easy. 

Residents of Thailand are more or less required to provide these documents because they are essential to getting clearance to enter India. 

A traveller of Thai will need the following documents:

  • Current Passport
  • A contact email address for correspondence and eVisa receipt.
  • A colour scan of the primary passport bio page in your current passport.
  • A colour photo from your current passport.
  • A card, either a debit or credit card, for online payment.

Along with your passport and eVisa, you can show these documents at the ports of entry. And your passport should be valid for at least six months once you arrive in India. You must show your documents before giving your fingerprints and a recent photo.

Furthermore, ensure at least two clean pages in your passport because the last step could include an immigration official applying for a visa sticker on your passport.

In short, For Thai citizens, obtaining an Indian visa is a simple and easy process that may be done from home. Still, the condition is that you need to gather the necessary documents before applying for the visa.