India Visa for Peruvians

Electronic Travel
Authorization Available

Electronic Visa Travel Requirements From Peru to India.

It is required for Peruvian passport holders to get an India visa to visit Jaipur, Agra, or one of India’s numerous wildlife reserves.

The government of India has made accessible the India eVisa for Peruvian passport holders. This computerized approach enables travelers to register online and obtain the eVisa by email, removing the need to wait in lengthy queues at an embassy or consulate.

What is a Visa Required to Visit India From Peru?

There are various Indian visa options for which Peruvian people can apply.

Peruvian tourists need to research their alternatives based on the purpose of their journey and the duration of their stay in the country:

e-Tourist visa India for Peruvian nationals

The India tourist visa for Peruvian citizens provides the following advantages:

  • Permits numerous entries into India
  • Per stay is limited to a maximum of 90 days
  • This visa is perfect for tourists and leisure visitors.
  • It has a one-year expiration date.


e-Business visa India for Peruvian nationals

The India business visa provides numerous advantages for Peruvian nationals:

  • Grants visitors multiple entrances in India
  • Allows up to 180 days per business trip.
  • This visa is appropriate for business travelers.
  • Beneficiaries have a one-year validity period.


e-Medical visa India for Peruvian nationals

The advantages of the India medical visa for Peruvian citizens and the India medical attendant visa for Peruvians are as follows:

  • Permits numerous admissions for tourists in India
  • Per visit, permit holders have a maximum of sixty days
  • The eMedical visa is appropriate for Peruvian people seeking medical treatment in India.
  • The e-Medical attendant visa is available to up to two Peruvian family members of a visa holder.

Both types of tickets are valid for 120 days.

  • Passport

    Passport with at least six months’ validity from the expected date of arrival

  • Debit or Credit card

    For Payment.

  • Email Address

    A valid email address.

What documents are required for Peruvians to obtain an Indian visa?

To successfully apply for an eVisa India, Peruvian applicants must satisfy all India visa criteria for people from Peru. These include:

  • A Peruvian passport is valid for at least six months from the intended entrance into India.
  • A valid email address that the candidate can access. Once granted, the India eVisa will be sent to this location. Applicants will also get updates on their visa application at this email address.
  • A credit or debit card that will be used to pay the India eVisa application fees
  • Please note that after the India eVisa has been issued, it will stay digitally linked to the passport used in the application and cannot be transferred to another passport belonging to the same individual.


Due to their dual nationality, Peruvian nationals holding several valid passports would need to pick one to apply for an India eVisa. The passport used throughout the application must be the passport on which the applicant plans to go to India.

Depending on the reason for travel, applicants for a Peruvian India visa may be required to produce additional evidence to support their application, including:

  • A current, full-color, passport-style photograph on a white backdrop (for all visa types)
  • A business card or letter of business (for a business visa)
  • A medical letter (for medical visa)

How long does it take to obtain an Indian visa from Peru?

An eVisa India application from Peru typically requires less than ten minutes to complete if the applicant has all the requisite visa criteria and paperwork.

After the form is filed and payment is made, most Peruvian eVisa applications for India are accepted within two working days.

Because specific applications may require supplementary documents, applying at least four working days before the traveler’s anticipated departure date from India is recommended.

How do Peruvian nationals obtain an Indian visa?

The application procedure for an eVisa India from Peru is simple and can be performed conveniently from a traveler’s home or office.

Peruvians can access the eVisa India application form online using a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Applicants will next be required to supply their personal information, passport information, and travel details, including:

  • Full name 
  • Status conjugal Religion Birthdate Birthplace
  • Country of citizenship Passport number Expiration date
  • Date of passport issue
  • Reason for going to India
  • Intentional port of entrance Anticipated date of arrival


The request will be handled when the Peruvian national has filed their India eVisa application and received payment.

As soon as the Indian eVisa is issued, the applicant will get an email notice at the email address they supplied on the application form. An electronic copy of the eVisa will be included in the notification email.

Travelers may obtain streamlined India paperwork for a quick and stress-free trip for a charge. On the government’s official website, applications can be submitted without our assistance.