Indian e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Oman

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Indian e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Oman

Know e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Oman and Apply

India’s ethnic and cultural variety has made it the one of the most attractive tourist destinations. People come from around the globe to enjoy all India offers. The people of India have created intellectual and spiritual beliefs in fields such as mathematics, architecture, astronomy, religion, music, literature, and the fine arts throughout millennia.

Before traveling to India, inhabitants of the Sultanate of Oman and residents of several other countries must get the proper travel papers. The Indian government has an electronic visa system that allows citizens of 166 qualifying countries, including Oman, can submit a visa application for travel to India from the convenience of their homes.

Do holders of an Omani passport need a visa to enter India?

In addition to a valid passport issued by their home country, visitors visiting India must have an Indian visa. The difficulty and inconvenience of sending an Indian Embassy a passport are no longer required for Omani nationals to acquire a visa for India. Online travelers may easily apply for an e-Visa.

Note that a medical visa is only valid for medical operations. Spiritual healing or advice does not require a particular medical visa.

  • Passport

    Passport with at least six months’ validity from the expected date of arrival

  • Debit or Credit card

    For Payment.

  • Email Address

    A valid email address.

What documentation do Omani nationals require to obtain an Indian visa?

The goal of the paperwork is to establish the applicant’s identification. Visa requirements for India for Omanis include:

  • A valid passport. Citizens with a passport must verify that it is reasonable and not expired. There must be at least two pages that must be blank in the passport.
  • A current photo in passport size. 
  • The photograph must be a clear headshot with no expressions against a white background.
  • an image of the passport’s data page where there is  information
  • Provide a verified payment method with credit or debit card
  • Applicants for an e-business visa must provide a business card or letter of invitation.
ETA Application Steps

Fill online visa application


Make payment


Receive approved visa by Email

How Long Does It Take from Oman to Obtain an Indian Visa?

The standard processing period seeking an eVisa from Oman to India is two to four days; however, passengers are urged to apply at least 5 before to departure.

Additional documents may be necessary to process the visa application correctly. Occasionally, it might take longer for people of Oman to acquire their granted Indian visa through email. In these instances, applicants will be notified so they know their visa application status.

How Can Omani Nationals Obtain an Indian Visa?

The Indian embassy can no longer obtain an India visa in Oman. Travelers can online apply for and acquire an e-visa from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to Scan copies of the required documents only a smartphone or computer, and an internet connection are required.

The application consists of three simple stages and takes around twenty minutes

  1. Complete the application form online. Include the applicant’s airport or ports of arrival, date of landing, full name, birthdate, and passport number and nationality in all required fields. All information must correspond to passport details.
  2. Use a major using a credit card or debit government fees.
  3. Download and print the electronic visa for India. This paperwork must be shown when you arrive immigration officials.