India Visa for Norwegian Citizens

Electronic Travel
Authorization Available

Indian eVisa Requirements for Norwegian

With the introduction of Electronic Travel Authorization in India on November 27, 2014, visitors visiting India no longer need to get a visa at the Indian embassy. The Electronic Travel Authorization, often known as the Indian eVisa, is currently accessible to 169 nations, and Norwegian tourists are strongly urged to apply for this online travel permission.

A Norwegian tourist, business executive, or cultural enthusiast may lawfully enter India with a valid Indian electronic visa. This visa is ideal for Norwegians who wish to see respected religious institutions, architectural marvels in India, and the holy Ganges.

In addition, they may sample the numerous cultures and cuisines that the seventh-largest country in the world has to offer.

Why Should Norwegians Apply for an Indian eVisa?

Norway passport holders have distinct advantages when applying for an India eVisa as opposed to a standard visa.

  • The application for the Indian electronic visa is made online, saving Norwegians time and money by eliminating the need to visit the Indian consulate or embassy.
  • Obtaining an eVisa is more straightforward than getting a consular visa: Ten to twenty minutes will suffice for a Norwegian candidate to complete the form.
  • Online applications are simple and practical.
  • There is time to cross-check and validate uploaded data and documents.
  • Passports, debit cards, clean scans of the relevant papers, and an email account are all that Norwegians require. After a successful application, Norwegians planning to visit India may easily print their valid eVisa and go as they like.
  • Passport

    Passport with at least six months’ validity from the expected date of arrival

  • Debit or Credit card

    For Payment.

  • Email Address

    A valid email address.

How Can Citizens of Norway Apply for an Indian eVisa?

A qualified Norwegian citizen may apply for an Indian eVisa with ease if they have a stable internet connection, a debit or credit card, and a valid passport. If Norwegian visitor still needs to finish their online application form, they may store it and return it later.

It is strongly recommended to check your email frequently for updates or instructions to modify application details. These emails asking for a fresh upload will arrive 24 hours after applying.

If the India eVisa is accepted, the travel permit will be emailed to Norwegian passengers. They will be required to print a copy of their India eVisa and bring it upon entry.

ETA Application Steps

Fill online visa application


Make payment


Receive approved visa by Email

Requirements For Citizens of Norway Travelling to India

To lawfully enter India, all Norwegian nationals must possess a valid visa and passport; however, they are permitted to utilize the eVisa for India.

The passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of application for the eVisa.

Note: Norwegian tourists may not be eligible for the Indian e-visa if they are traveling with diplomatic passports or any other travel papers except a passport. Individuals sponsored by their parents, guardians, or spouses are likewise ineligible for the electronic visa.

The application also asks that the Norwegian tourist has adequate finances to cover travel and living expenses for their stay in India or transit through the country.

Norwegian nationals should know that only 28 airports accept the Indian eVisa for admission. If they wish to bring children to India, they must apply individually for legal visas.

It is recommended that Norwegians traveling to India visit a physician to determine if a vaccination is required to enter India without incident.

Required Documents for Norwegians to Apply for an Indian eVisa

  • A current snapshot of the candidate with their face facing ahead and a white backdrop. 
  • The image to be uploaded must be in JPEG format and between 10KB and 1MB in size.
  • The photo must also be of identical length and height and include the entire face of the Norwegian tourist, from the top of the hair to the chin, as well as eyes without spectacles. Additionally, the photo should be borderless.
  • A scan of the passport page with the traveler’s name, date of birth, nationality, and expiration date.
  • The applicant for medical aid must submit a copy of the letter from the Indian medical institution they want to attend and ensure that the admission date is legible.
  • For the Indian e-business visa, the applicant must submit a scanned copy of the invitation letter from the relevant business parties in India and a business card.
  • A scanned invitation letter from the conference organizer and political and event clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs will be required for the e-conference visa to India.
  • The submitted files must be in PDF format in the English language. Failure to satisfy these India visa entrance conditions may result in rejecting a Norwegian’s application.

Request e-Visa Travel Authorizations From Norway to India: Visa Types

India has five primary categories of eVisas for Norway Citizens to Apply For

  • India e-tourist visa validity for 30 days to 5 years
  • India e-commerce visa
  • India e-medical attendant visa
  • India e-conference visa
  • India e-medical visa


The Indian e-tourist and e-business visa application must be submitted at least four calendar days before the desired arrival date.

For the e-medical, e-medical attendant, and e-conference visas, Norwegian candidates must apply four days before entry and have a 120-day window to visit the country.