Indian Visa for Irish Citizens

Electronic Travel
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Indian Visa for Irish Citizens

To travel to India for leisure, business, or medical reasons, Like many other nationalities, Irish residents before applying for a visa to India traveling.

However, after introducing 2014 saw the introduction of the Indian electronic visa, and the process was quick and simple, with applicants no longer needing more than 15 minutes to complete the straightforward online application form. The utility’s processing doesn’t take more than two to four working days.

Once accepted, visitors can enjoy exploring India’s many attractions, including several temples listed as World Heritage sites, ancient markets, expansive and abundant landscapes, beautiful deserts and safaris through the natural world, religious teachings, and the Himalayan mountains.

Do Irish citizens have a visa to enter India?

Irish citizens must obtain an Indian eVisa before traveling to Indian, as well as citizens of the other 166 countries.

Currently, there are three basic categories of a variety of electronic visas, based on travel.

  • Irish nationals have a one-year validity period on their tourist visa to India. This visa allows for two entries during its validity, with 90 days remaining.
  • Irish citizens are able to apply for a medical visa for India, with a 60-day period of validity beginning on the access date. Tourists may experience the potential of a triple-access throughout its validity.
  • While the Indian business visa for residents of Ireland is valid for a year, it allows for two entrances and lengthier continuous stays of up to 180 days at a time.
  • Passport

    Passport with at least six months’ validity from the expected date of arrival

  • Debit or Credit card

    For Payment.

  • Email Address

    A valid email address.

Required Documents for Getting an Indian Visa for Irish Citizens

To get the electronic visa, applicants must have some files with the filled-in online utility form.

India visa necessities for citizens of Ireland consist of the following files:

  • A scan of the bio page from a passport that includes the photos and personal information (birthdate, full name, expiration date, nationality).
  • A recent front-dealing image with a white heritage.
  • A passport, beginning from the date of intended arrival, must have at least six months remaining on its previous validity.
  • Two empty pages of a passport to be stamped.
  • To pay the visa charge, use a credit/debit card.
  • The cost of a return flight or a subsequent flight.
  • A legitimate email address.
  • Evidence of having enough money to support yourself while you’re in India.

The digital photograph is required to have to persist with the following criteria:

  • Clear, complete face, focused, wide eyes, front view.
  • White background.
  • Both the height and the breadth must match.
  • No Borders.
  • JPEG format files must be at least 10 KB and no larger than 1 MB.


The scanned bio page from the passport must be attached in PDF format and, at most, 10 KB or 300 KB in size.

Depending on how recently you visited an impacted country, the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate may be required if the tourist comes from one of these nations. For advice about your clinical path, see your physician.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa for India from Ireland?

Typically, it takes two to four business days to process a visa application. At this point, the candidate can anticipate a response to the email address they gave when submitting.

The process could take longer, though, if there were errors in the application form or missing files. Since this may result in the complete denial of a visa application for specific activities, it is advised that all applicants review the information they have submitted to remove any potential risks. The cost of a visa is not refundable in the event of rejection or cancellation.

All applicants for the Indian eVisa, including those supported by a parent’s or a partner’s passport, must comply. With an eVisa, avoiding overstaying is advised because visa conversion and extension are now impractical.

Get a visa for India from Ireland.

It is simple to apply for an Indian visa from Ireland, and the process may be finished from the convenience of the applicant’s home. Because the questions are really simple to comprehend and answer, completing the online utility form no longer takes more than 15 minutes.

There are questions about your background, your itinerary, your protection, and your passport, including your full name, your passport’s expiration date, your start date, your country, and other information.

The utility must be submitted at least four days before the scheduled ride to allow processing time. Nonetheless, the utility can be finished up to 120 days ahead of schedule. After approval, the visa will be delivered to the provided email address, where it must be printed and brought to the airport with you to submit it at passport control. A duplicate of the accepted visa should be kept on hand the entire time you are in India.

Holders of an eVisa may enter through 29 airports and 5 seaports. The same passport must be used to travel to India as it was to complete the online application.