Indian Visa for Filipino Citizens

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Indian Visa for Filipino Citizens

India, a rural nation in South Asia, is well famous for its vibrant alternative culture and, among other things, the Bollywood film industry, which releases more films annually than Hollywood. 

Aside from that, India is home to beautiful scenery and popular tourist destinations like the Taj Mahal.

In 2014, the Indian government introduced a digital travel permission tool that has since been made available to people from 166 nations. 

With the help of this policy, citizens of such countries can easily apply for and obtain online without needing to go to an Indian eVisa or visit an Indian embassy/ consulate in their area.

Do Philippine passport holders need a visa for India?

To visit India, all international visitors must obtain an India visa. There are various kinds of eVisa provided by the Indian government; it depends on the particular reasons for a visitor’s trip to India.

Filipino residents interested in traveling to India for tourism can apply for an Indian tourist visa. Those who desire to journey professionally can apply for an eBusiness Visa, while those who need medical treatment can apply for an eMedical Visa.

Travellers who want to ensure their application for an Indian tourist visa will be successful must read through a checklist of necessary documents and eligibility requirements before starting the application process. 

Filipino Travelers should have the following documents, regardless of the type of Visa they are using:

  • A Valid email address.
  • Valid debit or credit card.
  • A Current passport.
  • Passport

    Passport with at least six months’ validity from the expected date of arrival

  • Debit or Credit card

    For Payment.

  • Email Address

    A valid email address.

Before starting the application process for an e-visa to India, Filipino Citizens should keep in mind the following qualifying requirements:

  • Ensure the traveller’s passport can be legitimate for at least six months after arrival in India.
  • Ensure that the Filipino tourist’s passport has two minimum blank pages where entry and exit stamps are placed.
  • The max length of stay on an Indian tourist visa is 90 days for Filipino residents.
  • This is the only type of Visa that can be created from the tourist Visa.
  • Moreover, the tourist Visa is no longer extendable. Therefore, the visitor’s stay in India can be, at most, the maximum number of days. 
  • They are Ensuring that everyone, regardless of age, has their passport.
  • Parents need to list their kids on their visa application.
  • Travelers will always carry the authorized copy with their tourist Visa during their lives in India.
  • A diplomatic passport or an international travel document are an unacceptable form of identification when applying for an Indian visa.
  • In any given year, visitors are only permitted to apply for the eVisa a maximum of twice.
  • Before completing the online application, passengers must have a return ticket or a ticket for an additional flight.


The Indian Visa allows visitors to enter India via one of the 29 airports and 5 seaports. If the tourist plans to enter India using land or by way of sea, they can be required to get a visa from a neighborhood embassy or consulate before their arrival inside the country. The go-out may be planned from any of the legal Immigration Check Posts.

How do Filipino citizens apply for an Evisa to enter India?

The tourist can begin the application process by gaining access to the webpage for applying for visas to India once they have confirmed they meet the prerequisites necessary to practice for the Indian eVisa. 

There may be a link on the website that directs visitors to the web application for an eVisa, which they can complete. In addition to a few passport facts, this form will ask the traveler to provide certain personal data, such as their complete name, birth date, citizenship, address, and phone number.

Additionally, the candidate may be required to respond to a few security questions in a scenario-based, yes/no format. For entry into India, Filipino Citizens must be expected to provide honest and complete answers to such questions.

The Filipino applicant must use a valid credit or debit card to pay the fee for processing and completing the application. The application process is now complete because the applicant can now review the information and submit the form.

When will Filipino nationals be able to obtain an Indian Evisa?

The processing of the eVisa application could take up to four business days after the application has been submitted. Travellers are advised to schedule their eVisa application beforehand in order to ensure eVisa will be received in time for their trip anticipated trip to India because it can sometimes take longer than that.

in some cases, applicants also choose to offer additional supporting documentation for the information provided in the eVisa application form. This proof often takes the form of their most recent color photo and a scan of the biographical information page from their passport.

The image must meet the following prerequisites:

  •  It needs to be captured in photos on a white background.
  • The face of the applicant must be centered.
  • The person’s face should be clear from the crown to the chin.
  • The candidate’s face must be clearly visible.
  • The picture must be clear.


Once the applicant receives their eVisa, they must travel with a broadcast copy of it because officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement will need to see it at the Indian point of entry.

After verifying the traveller’s authorized copy of the applicant’s passport and Indian eVisa, officials will ask for the traveler’s fingerprints and a recent photo of themselves.

All of this being finished, the Indian government will attach an admission sticker label to the traveller’s passport, officially allowing them entry into India.