Philippines Electronic Travel Authorization

Electronic Travel
Authorization Available

Philippines eTA Information

An electronic travel authorization called the Philippines eTA enables eligible people to visit for brief durations.

The Philippines e-visa streamlines the procedure for acquiring the required permission to visit the nation and does away with the requirement for applying for a visa at an embassy/consulate.

Taiwanese nationals began using the Philippines ETA in 2015, and more nations are anticipated to start using it in the near future.

eVisa for the Philippines allows for multiple entries of document that enables visitors to enter the country more than once while it is still valid and remains there for 30 days. After approval, the duration of, an eTA Philippines for one month.

The quick and easy Philippines visa application can be used to apply by qualified citizens. To obtain an accepted visa for the Philippines online through email, it is essential to complete the online Philippines visa application form and provide them with details on their identities, passports, and travel plans specifying the reason for the trip.

For more information, get in touch with your local Philippines Embassy or Consulate if you plan to live in the nation for periods longer than those allowed by the online Philippines visa.

Requirements for Online Philippines Visa

The Philippines’eVisa requirements must be satisfied before submitting an eTA application. These requirements include having a passport from an eTA-eligible nation that is valid for at least 6 months past the desired stay in the Philippines.

Additional requirements for the Philippines eTA Visa Waiver include:

  • Provide accurate information about a credit/debit card to pay the Philippines eVisa fee.
  • Have an active email address where you can receive the approved eTA.


To comply with the Philippines online visa requirements, applicants must additionally print a hard copy of a valid eTA. An eTA bearer must provide the passport and a copy of their authorized Philippines at border control whenever they enter or leave the country.

Philippine Immigration staff members will make the final determination regarding entrance with an eTA. To ensure entrance, further supporting documentation could be required.

Tickets for the return flight to the Taiwan or a subsequent location and documentation of lodging, for example a hotel reservation. People when travelling to Taiwan with an eTA frequently required to show proof that they have the money to enjoy the trip.

Philippine e-visa for ASEAN

All of the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will soon accept a new type of visa. Among the ten ASEAN nations is the Philippines.

There will be the online application process for this new ASEAN visa. By completing a brief form on an electronic device, visitors can apply for an ASEAN e-visa for the Philippines.

Countries Eligible for Philippines

  • Taiwan

eVisa Information

Taiwanese people can go to the Philippines for brief periods thanks to the Philippines eTA, an electronic travel authorization.

The cost of the Philippines eTA depends on the nationality. Each qualifying nationality pays the same price. You can pay the fee with a legitimate credit/debit card.

The Philippines eVisa is a multiple-entry travel document that is valid for many trips to Philippines.

The maximum stay allowed in Philippines for those with an internet visa is 1 month.

e-Visa Application

It is simply to fill out a quick online application including travel, passport, and personal data for those who are qualified to apply for a Visa to the Philippines. The applicant’s email address receives the approved eVisa.

Yes, to visit the Philippines, all children from qualified nations must have an eVisa.

Regarding their children, parents or legal guardians can apply. Over-15-year-olds are permitted to submit their applications.

A passport from Taiwan that is available for at least six months after the intended stay in the Philippines is required to apply for an eTA for the Philippines.

The processing time for the online Philippines visa is anticipated to be 2 business days. To ensure adequate processing time, In order to be considered, applicants have to submit an electronic travel authorization application no fewer than two days of work before the desired entry date into the nation.

Multiple admissions are permitted into the Philippines at any time while an eVisa is valid. To continue visiting the Philippines after the eVisa expires, a new eTA must be applied for.

e-visa Qustions

The Philippines’ eTA expires 30 days after it was approved.

It is essential to print the Philippines visa that has been accepted online on a blank A4 piece of paper. Printing each trip authorization separately on a different sheet of paper is required.

Before submitting the form, applicants are recommended to double-check that all the information on the Philippines eTA application is accurate. Even minor errors could prevent approval of the eTA or result in the traveler’s denial of entrance to the Philippines.