Ghana eVisa Information

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Ghana eVisa Information

eVisa for Ghana is a newly online visa that has been announcements made by the Ghanaian government and is scheduled to go into launched soon.

When it becomes accessible is the Ghana eVisa. would allow qualified citizens to visit Ghana for brief stays without the requirement for submitting an application for a visa through an embassy or stand in queue to obtain a visa upon arrival.

In order to improve the country’s tourism industry, the Ghanaian government is mostly using the Ghana visas application process to speed up applying for a visa procedure.

The Ghana visa online is anticipated to make it possible for those who qualify to go Ghana for leisure, business, or transit and to enter the nation through International Airport in Kotoka.

The straightforward Online application for visas for Ghana, which only has to be filled out with an individual and passport, will be available to eligible citizens.

Filing the application then submitting be granted an eVisa, applicants are anticipated to be asked to respond to a few security-related questions.

The Ghanaian government has not yet disclosed the quantity of entries and the length of stay permissible with the Ghana tourist eVisa; once they do, they will be posted on our website.

Those who want to travel to Ghana for reasons that aren’t anticipated to be covered by the eVisa, including to work and study there, will haveTo submit an application for a visa at the Ghana embassy at the closest Ghanaian diplomatic mission.

eVisa requirements for Ghana

Applicants must fulfil the criteria for a Ghana eVisa so as to submit an online application for a visa to Ghana.

The applicant is anticipated to have the following before applying for a visa to Ghana online:

  • A current passport from the nation which Ghana eVisas are valid.
  • Valid information for a credit card/ debit card to pay visa fee.
  • A email address where the copy of a Ghana approved eVisa will be delivered.


According to the type of eVisa the applicant needs, various extra Ghana visa requirements for tourists and business travellers are also anticipated. Once made available,these will appear on this website.

Ghana visa rules further stipulate that in order to enter the country, visitors who arrive at the border with the authorised eVisa must persuade an immigration official of these  following:

  • The visitor is actually just planning to visit Ghana for a short time.
  • They will depart the nation before Ghana’s authorised visa expires.
  • They don’t intend to work in the Ghana while they are there on a eVisa.
  • They don’t plan to attend a school in Ghana to pursue their studies.
  • While in Ghana, they’ll be capable of  sustain themselves financially.

Countries Eligible for Ghana

  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Botswana
  • Burundi
  • Cameroon
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Comoros
  • Congo
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Djibouti
  • Egypt
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Gabon
  • Lesotho
  • Libya
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Mauritania
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • Rwanda
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Seychelles
  • Somalia
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Tunisia
  • Uganda
  • Zambia


A visa for Ghana is an emblem or endorsement that Ghanaian authorities place on the passport to authorize the holder to travel to Ghana.  For your visit, visas must be obtained through the Ghanaian Embassy or Consulate.  “Visit” is also defined as a purpose for entering, which is typically commercial, touristic, or the transitory. 

There are literally hundreds of various sorts of all visas available depending on the country, purpose of trip, and duration of stay. Over 270 countries grant visas.

Depending on which consulate we must submit the application to, the duration of a visa’s processing at the Ghanaian Embassy or Consulate might range from 2 days to more than 15 days. The length of time it takes to process a visa depends on a number of variables and is subject to abrupt change based on the consulate’s judgement.

It is anticipated that even minor errors in the data entered on within the on-line form could cause an interruption in the  Ghana approved eVisa or result in the application being rejected. Before submitting an online application for a Ghana visa, applicants are urged to carefully verify that all the information given is accurate and corresponds to their passport’s information.

A legally binding government document attests to a person’s identification and citizenship is a passport.  The passport has two functions: it allows you to re-enter your place of citizenship in this case the US and it is required by many nations in order to enter the nation you are travelling.

a legally binding government document known as a visa, allows you to temporarily enter Ghana.  To enter many countries, you need a visa.  The visa for Ghana is received at the Ghana consulates or the Embassy in DC, USA  all over the nation, and it takes the form of a stamp or sticker inside the passport.  We have employees all throughout the nation that can personally deliver for you, your application, and  after it is finished, we willthe passport returned overnight  to you.

Whether it will be able to extend an eVisa in Ghana has not yet been revealed. Once the Ghanaian government makes an announcement,There will be updates to this data.

All visitors who are not excluded from Ghanaian visa requirements must have the transit visa in order to travel through Ghana on their way to another country. It is anticipated that qualified residents will have access to  apply for the transit visa to Ghana using the straightforward online process once the Ghana eVisa system is operational.

Regardless of whether they are visiting Ghana for business or for pleasure, all the US citizens must have visa and the US passport.  The majority of foreign nationals need a visa.  

Whether printing a copy of the Ghana tourist visa to show at entry is required to proceed has yet been specified. When it becomes available, the details will be posted on this website.