Djibouti eVisa

Electronic Travel
Authorization Available

Djibouti eVisa

The electronic visa which allows the bearer admission into the African nation is the Djibouti eVisa.

It is acquired by submitting an online Djibouti visa application.This is an efficient and  simple procedure that just takes a few minutes to do.

The prior visa-on-arrival policy  was replaced with this digital one in 2018.

For short stays, foreign citizens can obtain an electronic visa for Djibouti.

You can get a Djibouti eVisa for travel, business, or transit.

When completing the online form, the passenger must provide their expected the arrival date. After this date, the duration of both  visitor and business eVisas is 31 days.

The maximum period of time an international individual may live in the nation in without the  Djibouti visitor visa, in between flights  is 3 days, and eVisas for transit are valid for three days.

The holder of the Djibouti visa online  is permitted one entry into the nation. A visitor will have to reapply and get a new eVisa if they want to leave and then come back.

An eVisa cannot be used by foreigners who want to relocate, remain for an extended period of time, study, or engage in paid employment in Djibouti. In these situations, the person should contact the Djiboutian embassy and consulate to inquire about the necessary visa.

eVisa Requirements for Djibouti

For a foreign traveler to successfully receive an eVisa, they must fulfill the Djibouti’s visa requirements.

The eVisa application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Current passport.
  • Reserving a flight and  other mode of transportation.
  • Accommodations’ address in Djibouti.
  • Letter of invitation from a host or organization in Djibouti.


A passport of the passenger must remain valid for at least another six months.

The passport registered in the application will be connected to the approved eVisa after it has been issued. Djibouti entry requires the usage of this passport.

The address of the intended lodging must also be provided by Djibouti eVisa applicants. This could be the host’s home address or the address of the hotel where the guest would be staying.

To pay A low processing cost for Djibouti eVisas,, visitors must supply the necessary information about their credit / debit cards.

A current email-address must also be used when completing the online application. This account will receive the Djibouti-approved eVisa.

Travelers must print a copy of the eVisa and show it with their passport while crossing the border checkpoint in Djibouti, in accordance with the country’s visa regulations.

Countries Eligible for Djibouti

  • Andorra


Even though it seldom ever happens, it is possible to have your Djibouti e-Visa application rejected.

All nationalities and residents of all nations are eligible for a Djibouti E-visa if they are traveling for transit, business, or leisure.

A minimum of six months must pass after the date of your entry in Djibouti for your passport to be valid.

You won’t need to visit an embassy or consulate to submit a conventional, paper-based visa application. You can apply for an e-Visa online from anywhere, which will help make the process of getting there easier.

No, it is not required. Your visa’s validity term will start on the day you designate, and you may enter Djibouti on any date throughout that time.

No, you must apply for a new e-Visa if you do not intend to utilize your current one before it expires.

Visas will no longer be issued at the airport or border as of May 1, 2018, according to Djibouti’s diplomatic embassies. Before going to Djibouti, you must obtain a visa.

You won’t require a transit visa if you stay inside the Djibouti airport’s transit area.

Online applications for Djibouti visas are accepted. An easy application procedure for the electronic visa (eVisa) system is completing a brief form and receiving the Djibouti visa by email.The eVisa is valid for transit, business, and tourism.

For a Djibouti eVisa, foreigners must submit a brief application online. They must supply their passport information as well as some basic personal data name, nationality, etc. Travel information must also be included, including the visit’s purpose and arrival and departure dates.

The necessary supplementary documentation must be submitted by applicants. These consist of a passport that is at least six months old, a flight reservation, an invitation letter if necessary, and the location of the lodging in Djibouti.

It is necessary to use a bank’s card to pay a little processing cost. Djibouti eVisas will then be sent to you through email.

The Djibouti visa application should be submitted online at least a week before the travel. E-Visas are typically processed within a few business days. Occasionally, it could take longer because of a lot of applications or other things.

Travelers from other countries should take precautions to verify that all the information they provide is true and accurate. Small errors may result in the application being rejected. It is significant to remember that if an eVisa is issued and the information in the traveler’s passport does not match, the person will not be permitted to enter Djibouti.

Due to these factors, it is crucial to verify all of the information provided on the web form before completing the application.You must reapply if you find that you erred in any way.

Yes, in order to enter the country, a physical copy of the Djibouti eVisa must be supplied.