Brazil Tourist eVisa Information

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Brazil Tourist eVisa Information

Beginning on 17-06-2019, previously qualifying countries are no longer necessary to obtain a tourist online by visiting the embassy, instead, visitors can apply for an eVisa for Brazil on this website. Please check your eligibility using the Visa Checker at the top of this website.

In the near future, the Brazilian Government might also roll out a brand-new digital visa; any updates will be reported on this page as soon as they become available.

The Tourist Brazil eVisa was introduced as an electronic visa in November 2017 to speed up the visa application process for nationals of qualified nations who wished to travel to Brazil. There is no longer a need to apply for a visa to Brazil at an embassy or consulate.

The 90-day equivalent of a month was made available to qualified persons who applied for a Brazil online visa. The Brazil eVisa allowed for multiple entries that was valid for two years starting on the date of difficulty.

The online Brazil traveler visa application was completed in only a few minutes. The Brazil eVisa is now valid for a variety of travel-related activities, such as tourism, business, transit, study, journalism, charitable work, visiting family, and medical care, among other things.

Tourists had to fill out a few personal and passport details and respond to clear questions on healthcare in order to finish the eVisa for Brazil application form.

Once the online Brazil eVisa application had been approved, the applicant’s passport began to electronically link to the Brazil Traveller visa.

Australia, Canada, the United States of America, and Japan have all added to Brazil’s list of countries that do not require visas for visitors after the Brazil eVisa was withdrawn in 2019.

As a result, travelers from those nations can currently enter Brazil without a visa for up to 90 days.

There are various visas available for Brazil even though an eVisa is not necessary.

All foreign nationals (even those from countries with visa waiver programs) must apply for the necessary visa at a Brazilian embassy for extended stays or to live and/or work in Brazil.

No of the reason or duration of the trip, visitors from countries that do not grant visa waivers must acquire a visa for Brazil from an embassy.

For further statistics, visitors to Brazil for longer than three months each year should get in touch with the Brazilian embassy/consulate.

Brazil eVisa Requirements

Brazil’s eVisa program has been terminated. It is no longer necessary for people who live in the US, Australia, Canada, or Japan who want to visit the nation.

A valid passport is now the best entrance criterion for Brazil for tourists of these nationalities.

Following Brazil eVisa conditions have to be met in order to submit an application for the country’s online tourist visa:

  • Passport from a nation that is qualified, valid for at least a month after the application date.
  • Web website with a color photo of the passport’s biographical information.
  • Recent traveler’s white-background studio photograph
  • Email address current for receiving a copy of the authorized Brazil online visa as well as any updates and notifications. Credit/debit card information to pay for the Brazil eVisa.
  • It becomes essential to submit a white backgrounded studio photograph for the Brazil online visa requirements.

The very last requirement for passengers was to carry at least one (1) visible copy of the Brazil visa to show at the border crossing together with the registered passport.

Countries Eligible for Brazil

  • United States Virgin Islands

eVisa Information

The Brazil eVisa was an electronic travel permission that let eligible citizens stay in Brazil for a number of brief visits for a variety of reasons, including business or tourism.

The eVisa was valid for two a number of years after the issuance or until the accompanying passport expired, and it allowed for repeated entries with stays of up to 90 days annually.

As of 2019, there is no longer a requirement for the Brazilian eVisa. It’s uncertain whether it’ll ever be brought back.

Only people from those nations can visit Brazil without a visa. Currently, this includes citizens of the four nations—Australia, Canada, Japan, and the US—for which an eVisa was formerly necessary. Other nationals are not excluded from Brazil’s visa requirements and cannot visit without one.

Since the requirement for a Brazil online visa was eliminated as an entry requirement in 2019, no one is currently required to submit one. Until recently, Brazilian eVisas were required for citizens of four nations.

The answer is no, you cannot obtain a Brazil eVisa at the airport. Before the online visa system was shut down, nationals of qualifying nations must at least submit an eVisa application for Brazil five business days ahead of their trip to Brazil.

Before it was discontinued in 2019, the Brazil eVisa could only be purchased online. On the other hand, people who want to apply for a Brazilian consular visa must physically visit a Brazilian Consulate.

Brazil eVisas are no longer available because they were made optional for entrance in June 2019. Until recently, obtaining a Brazilian eVisa was easy. The only requirement for eligible citizens was to submit a simple online application. All foreign nationals who had previously qualified for the eVisa now do not need a visa.

Brazil’s business eVisa program has been terminated. It gave eligible citizens permission for several brief visits inside the nation to do business. It prohibited the holder from working while in Brazil and collecting pay.

There is still a work visa for Brazil. The application must be made personally at an embassy or consulate of Brazil, and it permits the holder to work there. It is important to already be under contract with a Brazilian corporation and provide supporting papers proving this in order for the work visa to be accepted.

eVisa Application

Since June 2019, online visa applications for Brazil have been unavailable. For brief tourist visits, citizens of the four nations that had previously qualified for an eVisa for Brazil are no longer required to have a visa.

Visitors from nations that do not have visa requirements can apply for a tourist visa to Brazil through a Brazilian embassy. The tourist must fill out a form with some personal and passport information as well as information about their occupation and the reason for their trip to Brazil.

Before the eVisa system was abandoned, the processing period for online Brazil visa applications was up to 5 business days. It will take at least 5 business days and possibly several weeks for travelers who need to already be under contract with a Brazilian corporation to have their application granted.

Right now, no one needs to apply for a Brazil eVisa. Before, all minors from qualified nations under the age of 18 had to have an eVisa in order to enter Brazil.

The minor had to have his or her own passport and other papers may have been necessary in order to apply for the Brazil eVisa for children. The child’s parents or legal guardians could fill out the application, however applications from minors listed on their passports were not accepted.

Foreign nationals must have the following in order to enter Brazil:

  1.  Current passport
  2. Unless the visitor is from a nation exempt from visa requirements, they must obtain an embassy visa if they are visiting Brazil for fewer than 90 days and won’t be working or receiving pay there.

Brazil eVisa is not yet available. It used to permit multiple admissions to stay for up to 90 days annually.

From the time it was issued, the Brazil eVisa was valid for two years, or until the accompanying passport expired, whichever happened first. Travelers who previously qualified for eVisas can now visit Brazil without a visa as there are now no eVisas being granted.

Brazil’s eVisa is no longer available. In the past, the approval of an online Brazil visa application often took 5 business days. Applications are processed at a Brazilian embassy for at least this long and sometimes longer.

No, a letter of invitation for a business trip to Brazil was not necessary to apply for an eVisa. The eVisa has now been terminated, though. A visit visa can be obtained through an embassy or consulate for business travelers.

Additional eVisa Questions

On the website of the Brazilian government, applicants can check their Brazil visa eligibility. The applicant’s passport number and birthdate must be entered in order to check the status of their visa application.

Brazilian tourist visas are acceptable for two years after they are issued, or until the linked passport expires.

In Brazil, there is a fine of 8 reals per day, up to a maximum fine of 800 reals, for exceeding the validity of a tourist visa. Brazil’s currency is the reais. Visitors must pay the fine either when they depart Brazil or when they arrive back. The passenger will be prohibited from entering Brazil for 6 months if the fine is not paid.

Authorities allow people who are detected with an expired Brazil online visa seven days to depart the country before they are charged with overstaying their welcome and given a six-month ban.

Brazilian tourist visas could no longer be obtained online. A Brazil eVisa extension form is not available because it has never been feasible to obtain a Brazil visa extension for an eVisa.

Brazil is beyond limits to visitors with expired passports.

In 2019, Brazil discontinued granting eVisas. Visas are no longer required for all formerly eligible nationals.

It is no longer possible to apply for a Brazil visa online because the service has been discontinued. However, citizens of all nations that qualified for the eVisa are now able to enter Brazil using only their passports and without a visa.

A Brazilian Federal Police officer will renew a tourist visa that was received from an embassy.