Canada Visitor Visa / Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

Certain Foreign nationals are required to get the Canada temporary resident visa (Canada TRV), also known as a Canada visiting visa, in order to travel to the nation.

Many visitors to Canada are uncertain whether they need to have a valid TRV, a Canadian eTA that has been granted, or both. Those who are unsure of the travel permits they need can use this easy guide to clarify their situation.


What is a Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa for Canada?

Foreign nationals who are not exempt from visa requirements for Canada must get one of many types of visas in order to enter and remain in the nation. These visas include temporary resident visas and Canadian visitor visas.

A valid visitor visa to Canada is given out as a single-entry travel document with a six-month maximum stay.

A visitor’s visa to Canada permits stays for leisure, commerce, or to pursue education or employment.

How long is a temporary resident visa for Canada valid for?

Normally, persons who submit a TRV application for a visitor visa to Canada are expected to provide their desired date of entry. The visa is issued on this day and is valid for the entire length of the traveler’s stay, up to six months.

A temporary resident visa for Canada may also be extended online or through a paper application. At least 30 days before the initial visa expires, this should be done.

In Canada, is it possible to Change a Visitor Visa into a Work Visa?

If their studies last less than six months, students with visitor visas do not require any other travel documents; however, individuals wishing to work in Canada must also possess a current work permit.

Visitors who have a job offer in writing and are already in Canada may apply for a work permit while remaining on the continent.

Who Should Submit a Canadian Visitor Visa Application Instead of a Canadian ETA?

Before departing for Canada, nationals of the following nations must submit an application for a visitor visa temporary resident visa:

If residents of these nations want to stay in Canada for more than six consecutive months, they must apply for a different form of visa at the Canadian embassy or consulate that is closest to them.

Applying for a TRV or visitor visa in Canada

It is now possible to apply for a Canada visitor visa online if you are already in Canada and need a study permit, work permit, or visitor record.

However, the typical procedure for foreign nationals to apply for a visitor visa to Canada entails going to a Canadian visa application center (VAC). This must take place either in the applicant’s country of nationality or residence, or in the nation into which they have been legitimately admitted.

In order to successfully apply for a visitor visa to Canada, applicants typically need to schedule an appointment at one of these locations in advance and present a variety of supporting documents, such as:

  • Valid passport from a qualified nation.
  • Filled-out application for a visiting visa to Canada.
  • A Recent passport-size photo of the traveler.
  • A Replica of a confirmed ticket for a return or subsequent flight.
  • The proposed route of travel for the intended stay in Canada.

Depending on the intended use of the trip, more proof of support may also be required. Before the application may be processed, the visitor visa fee for Canada must be paid.

The applicant must typically provide biometric information, fingerprints and a photo within 30 days of visiting the immigration center after the application has been submitted.

The Length of time it takes to complete a VAC Application for a visiting visa to Canada depends on the volume of each application center and whether the applicant needs to fulfill any Additional Requirements.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Tourist Visa for Canada

The fundamental conditions for obtaining a visitor visa to Canada are as follows:

  • Have a Current Passport.
  • Possess a Healthy Body
  • Have Never Been convicted of a severe crime
  • Own No Convictions Relating to Immigration
  • The immigration officer must be persuaded that you have sufficient ties to your native country, such as a job, a home, a family, or financial resources.
  • Persuade the immigration official that you will depart Canada after your visit is over.
  • Have enough money set aside enough to pay for your trip.

In some circumstances, you could require a medical exam or a letter of invitation from a Canadian citizen.

A person might not be allowed access to Canada for a number of reasons. Due to the following factors, certain people are excluded from admission.

  • Criminal Action that is serious (find out how to receive an eTA with a criminal record)          Internal link
  • Abuses of human rights.
  • Included in Crime.

Is Canadian TRV equivalent to Canada eTA?

The key distinction between a temporary resident visa for Canada and an electronic travel authorization is that persons who need a visa for Canada for brief visits are ineligible to submit an online application for an ETA.

Only those who are visa-exempt and want to visit Canada for durations of up to 6 months per entry may use the ETA online application system. It  is a multiple-entry travel permit with a five-year validity period upon approval, which is substantially longer than the TRV’s.

The list of prerequisites for applying for a Canadian ETA is considerably less than the checklist for supporting papers for Canada visiting visas. To submit an electronic permission form online, all you need is a current passport, email address, and credit or debit card.

Are Canadian tourist visas and visitor visas interchangeable?

In Canada, a visiting visa is the same as a tourist visa. It allows foreign visitors to enter Canada for purposes of tourism, business, employment, or academic study.

Unless they are qualified for a Canada ETA, the majority of nationalities require a visitor visa.