Bangladesh requires regular visa at Embassy

Bangladesh requires regular visa at Embassy

Online or the electronic Visa for Bangladesh is not yet commences for internet based processing. Please check this page again in a few months to check if Bangladesh has opened an Online Visa Application Process to apply for entry into Bangladesh .

You will need to visit the local embassy of Bangladesh to visit in person with your passport. You will be requested to book an appointment for visiting the Embassy of Bangladesh and then you will be allowed to apply for entry into the country.

More than 100 countries have already opened eVisa which you can apply for on this website. However, Bangladesh has yet to commence electronic processing of applications for Visa.

Documents required for Visa for Bangladesh

Typically the documentation required is:

● Your face photograph
● Your passport, that is valid for at least six months
● Invitation letter for business and commercial visit or for attending Government organised seminars or workshops
● Hospital letter or Medical letter for medical visits in a hospital
● Tourist or recreational visits may require proof of funds in your bank account

eVisa vs Regular Visa

Both documents are Legal documents which allow one or multiple entries, or a permit to visit a country. Most countries have modernized their immigration systems and allow electronic processes for internet based Visa.

eVisa or electronic Visa offered for over 100 countries on this website is a completely online process, meaning there is no need for you to:

1) Courier your passport
2) Visit Embassy
3) Visit Government Office
4) Get a physical stamp or sticker on your passport